Morocco Desert Tours

Morocco Desert Tours, Ismail Morocco Tours is a Morocco travel agency; a company that provides a travel guide to Morocco. Our company’s philosophy is to provide Morocco custom tours with a friendly & personalized approach.

Regardless of how many days you’ll be in Morocco, every tour, travel, and trip to Morocco is 100% customized with a free consultation and travel advice. Our planning document opens the dialogue between you and us. Ismail Morocco Tours is a community-focused tour operator and its philosophy is that the local people of Morocco should benefit from visitors to the country. It has numerous partners from the rural and isolated regions that invite visitors to their homes and communities.


At Ismail Morocco Tours, we believe that creativity is the heart of our excellent Morocco tours and travel packages. Firstly, we seek to understand our guest’s personal requirements. By focusing on the details of your travel plan with advice and support. Peace of mind for you to enjoy your Moroccan travel experience. Feeling relaxed and safe is a high priority for all our guests. Therefore, our drivers/tour guides accompany you throughout your trip and have over 15 years of experience in tourism(5*reviews). As a company, we travel with you; providing support & advice before, during, and after your tour.

Overall, we inject passion in every tour package designed solely for you that is delivered by an experienced & creative team at Ismail Morocco Tours. Our travelers seek to discover the authentic nature of the country’s culture and heritage through traveling through the beautiful landscape that spans the whole country. Our company offers Morocco custom tours that provide an opportunity to visit the desert, mountains, sea & Imperial cities of Morocco.

Its diversity in its natural beauty and the warm hospitality of its people makes the whole travel experience unforgettable with lasting memories.

Our success travel stories are based on designing custom Morocco tours and travel packages; A fusion of culture, fun, history, and relaxation. An authentic trail to discover the hidden treasures of Morocco.